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Of all the great blues sets I was witness to at the 5 glorious days of blues at this year's Waterfront Blues Festival, Watermelon Slim & the Workers was definitely my personal highlight.

With a live presentation that was just as fresh and deeply steeped in the blues as their first two CDs, Slim and crew had the gigantic crowd mesmerized. An automatic fan after hearing these two highly acclaimed albums, I wasn't even prepared for their awesome live performance. In all of my years of capturing photos from the Portland's south, main stage, I've never before seen a headliner jump into the photo pit while never missing a lick on his harp! He was suddenly so close to me that I had to stop to change lenses.

These guys are the real deal, blues fans. With a super solid band backing up this multi talented frontman, while playing their original blues that sounds as if it was created in the Delta over 6 decades ago, it's as if the blues were reborn. These guys are on the top of the can't miss list for live shows and their two CDs are essential for the collection of any true blues fan. It does this old blues fan's heart good to know that this true American art form is alive and well in the 21st century.

Thanx to the superb talent of folks like Watermelon Slim.

----- Phil Chesnut

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